Дмитрий Красицкий (krasitsky) wrote,
Дмитрий Красицкий

Кто поможет с переводом песни ?

Понял, что для стихов маловато знания делового и технического английского....

Если кто-то может помочь, буду очень признателен.

It went right by me --
At the time it went over my head
I was looking out the window
I should have looked
At your face instead

It went right by me --
Just another wall
There should have been a moment
When we let our barriers fall
I never meant
What you're thinking --
That is not what I meant at all...

Well I guess we all
Have these feelings
We can't leave unreconciled
Some of them burned on our ceilings
Some of them learned as a child

The things that we're concealing
Will never let us grow
Time will do its healing
You've got to let it go

Closed for my protection --
Open to your scorn
Between these two directions
My heart is sometimes torn

I lie awake with my secrets
Spinning around my head
Something that somehow
Escaped me --
Something you shouldn't have said
I was looking out the window
I should have looked
At your face instead...

I find no absolution
In my rational point of view
Maybe some things are instinctive
But there's one thing you could do
You could try to understand me --
I could try to understand you...

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